Friday (December 6th, 2019)

3.00pm-4.00pm - Team registration

4.00pm-4:55pm - Openning Ceremony and tech presentations

4.55pm-5.10pm - Going to the labs

5:15pm-6.45pm - Training session

7.00pm-7.30pm - Discussion of technical problems

7.40pm-8.15pm - Poznan: Optional transport to the hotel

Saturday (December 7th, 2019)

8.00am-9.00am - Arrive to the venue

9.00am-9.15am - Taking seats

9.15am-2.15pm - Main contest

2.30pm-3:30pm - Pizza

3.30pm-5.00pm - Prize-giving ceremony and presentations (location: Adam Mickiewicz University)

5.00pm-7.00pm - Banquet (location: Adam Mickiewicz University)

Sunday (December 8th 2019) - after the contest

1.00pm-11:59pm - One more remote (after-contest) task, sponsored by More details soon.

During the ceremonies we'll have a chance to listen to 3 interesting 20-30 minutes presentations:


Main Site

Faculty of Matehmatics and Computer Science - Adam Mickiewicz University
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61-614 Poznań

Satellite sites

Institute of Informatics - University of Warsaw
ul. Stefana Banacha 2
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Institute of Computer Science - Uniwersytet Wrocławski
ul. Juliot-Curie 15
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Theoretical Computer Science - Jagiellonian University
ul. Łojasiewicza 6
30-348 Kraków