Information for sponsors

MWPZ is the biggest stationary programming competition in Poland. In one place you can reach over 400 most talented young programmers from all over Poland.

Why is it worth to support MWPZ/PROWOC?

Corporate Social Responsibility

The best results are achieved by companies that are able to plan and execute in a dynamically changing world in the long term. MWPZ is a great opportunity to show that the company not only wants to benefit, but gives something to the community. Companies that demonstrate social responsibility have employees who are satisfied and proud of their employer.

Employer Branding

MWPZ isa good places to show up as an attractive employer. At the openning or clossing ceremony all sponsors gain the opportunity to present what they do from programming perspective and why they are attractive as an employer. Supporting our event is a best way to broaden the knowledge about your company.


Organizers selects sponsors carefully. We make sure there are only good and reliable employers among our sponsors. For this reason, most contestants agree that sponsors can send them job offers. MWPZ is a very good first stage of the recruitment process, because there are no random players in our compettion - we have programmers who stand out and are able to solve complicated algorithmic problems and have excellent programmng and team working skills (1 computer, 3 people teams, 5 hours, 8-12 problems to solve and code).

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